Monday, February 26, 2007

They're At It Again...

Yeah...sounds to me like "they" are at it again. I was just checking my email, and it is on a news site - Anyway, in one of the news blurbs I saw this. Go read it. Briefly, a Canadian archaeologist (I think he's the guy who has the show on Vision TV called Naked Archaeologist; no he isn't actually naked - haven't figured out the title yet) who claims to have "rediscovered" the tomb that holds the family of Jesus - including his wife Mary Magdelene, His mother, possibly her brother, and Jesus' and Mary M's son, Judah!

Yeah...riding on the coattails of Da Vinci Code maybe? I'm just waiting for them to drag that FICTICIOUS story into this as proof that Mr. Brown's book really is true. No. It's not true. Neither is this claim.

I want someone to prove to me, with scripture, that Jesus and Mary Magdelene got married. I want them to prove to me, with scripture, that they had a son (or any children for that matter). I'll wait. Go on....prove it. What's that? You can't prove it? Well, I could have told you that - in fact I did (read back a few paragraphs). It can't be proven, because IT DID NOT HAPPEN!

Jesus did not get married. Yes, Jesus died - crucified on a cross - and yes, He was buried. Here's the thing. There would be no ossuary (a bone box). See, in those days the people would put the body in a tomb and cover it will lots of spices - about 75 pounds worth. Then, after a year, the family would go back to the tomb and collect the bones that were left and put them in an ossuary.

Here's the thing - Jesus was placed in a tomb with the spices, but when the women went back to finish preparing His body, it wasn't there. Jesus had risen from the dead! There would be absolutely no ossuary needed - ever. Jesus is alive in Heaven, and He has promised to come back again. Be ready. We don't know when He'll return, but He will.

Sure, those bone boxes are real. In fact, they could have held bones belonging to Mary, Mary Magdelen, and even other family members. But there's no way there is an ossuary that contained the bones of Jesus Christ - ever! I don't care what any archaeologist says.

People have been trying to disprove the Christian faith since it began. They can't do it. No matter how hard they try, they can not prove that Jesus' bones remained in the tomb, they can not prove that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene (I'd like to know how that rumour got started...), or anyone for that matter, they can not prove that Christianity is based on a myth. They can try all they want to create an illusion that Christianity is not true, but they'll be wrong. The truth will be revealed, and as the scriptures say, "one day every knee will bow and one day every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."


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Matthew said...

I saw this in USA today, what I find interesting about this is 1)they started their "publicity" campaign during lent 2)James Cameron is ready to make some regular movies again, and 3) Nearly every scholar and archeologist will tell you this is a huge load of... well, you get what I mean.

One thing that's nice is, since it's out there, it get's Jesus and his resurrection in people's faces and makes them look at what's true and what isn't.