Saturday, February 03, 2007

There's A Party On The Way

Check out the link over on my sidebar. Hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom, the party happens between March 2-9. You don't have to be a mom - all are welcome, and there will also be prizes offered.

This is a great way to "meet" new people, and visit their blogs. So, head on over (just click the button over on my sidebar) and sign up for the party!


Joe said...

Sounds fun.

PJ said...

Oh, that sounds like FUN...I'm going over to read about it! Hmmm...I wonder where I'll be on March 2-9...hopefully in a house by then!?

C. H. Green said...

Great idea! You've been tagged! Please visit my post, "My Story," for details. I want to hear yours