Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Royal Pain in the Back

Have you ever had a pulled muscle in your lower back? Let me tell you, it is no fun at all! I've had this happen to me a couple of times in the past. Most recently, it happened yesterday.

I was heading over to a friend's home as her, myself and one other friend were going to spend the afternoon making home made cards. I have a lot of supplies (use the for scrapbooking too) and decided to bring them along. They are all contained in one of those large Rubber Maid type storage containers that you can buy at any department store. Well, it is heavier than I thought...and I had taken several items out that I wouldn't be taking with me.

Along the way I had stopped at the grocery store to buy a few things to bring along for supper. Often, our little group will head over to this same friend's home for lunch after church and to fellowship, and she generally feeds us. There are times when I will stop and buy things to bring so that she isn't using all of her food on us. Basically, I want to contribute to the cause.

So, I was carrying the tub of supplies and a few groceries. Somehow I managed to pull a muscle in my lower back and it has been botherin me since. This morning, I could barely get out of bed to get to the bathroom. After that I had to make my way to the kitchen to call the lady that I help teach a children's Sunday School class to let her know that I wouldn't be able to make it in and she'd have to find someone else to help. I also had to call the pastor's wife to let her know I would not be able to do the children's church program like I had promised to this past Wednesday (normally she does it, but the church was having a graduation service for the high school grads, and her son is graduating so she wanted to be there for that). I wanted to call her early enough so she could try to find someone at church this morning to fill in. She prayed for me over the phone, which was a nice thing. Basically, in order to get out to the kitchen (with the stop in the bathroom), it took me at least ten minutes and would normally have only taken a couple minutes. I am finding if I stay seated or lying down for a length of time, my back gets pretty stiff.

I have been putting a cold compress on it a couple of times, as well as getting up and walking around to stretch out the muscles (the lady I help with Sunday school's husband is a physiotherapist and he told me to do all of this). I have also been taking some over the counter pills to help back pain. All of this is slowly working.

In all of this pain, however, I can rejoice and praise the Lord. Sure, my back is very sore and I am limited in what I can do. But, I can rejoice in the fact that I can still get around no matter how slow it is, and I have feeling in my back. If I were paralyzed then I would not be able to get around or have feeling in my back. I can rejoice and praise the Lord that I know that I will heal from this and get better, that it doesn't last typically more than a couple of days. Thank you Lord for this! I praise the Lord in this, for He is good! Amen!