Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bible room style

Well, I have begun again with a bible study for ladies in a chat room ( We discuss various topics that I have picked out in advance, or the ladies agree upon the previous week that the topic is held. I am looking forward to this, as I had done this last summer (2004) and helped another lady previously when she was doing it. It is interesting and the discussions are always great. and have merged and now share forums and chat. This is the first time I've hosted the ladies bible study since the merge. There are a lot of new people that I have only recently "met" and am looking forward to growing and learning with them as we study the Word of God.

As I mentioned the topics vary. I am in no way an expert at the bible (or hosting the chat for that matter) and bible studies. However, I am here to learn and grow like the others. I have no set pattern or book that I follow. I allow the Lord to lead. I try to make up some questions to get the ladies thinking and discussing and of course, they too ask questions which help as well.
There are rules to follow. If there were none, there would be nothing but chaos and that can be damaging.

At this present moment, I am waiting for some ladies to join in for the study. No one is there yet, but that's ok. The study is still pretty new, only in the second week so I believe it is the reason why there haven't been a lot show up...though our first week there were about half a dozen ladies and some that popped in for a bit but left due to other things happening.

My prayer is that this will catch on and the ladies and I will be able to grow closer and develop friendships and grow in our walk with the Lord.


Stacie said...

Hi. Looking to start a bible study?

Stacie said...

I will mark this in my favorites, but incase I get lost, as I have been for an hour now, email me at

Shelley said...

Hi and thanks for inquiring if I am looking to start a Bible study. Actually, I have one going. We are into our third week, and it seems to be going over well. We meet at Wednesday evenings, 8:30pm Eastern time.