Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No Reason To Fear

I awoke with a start shortly after 2:00am this morning, feeling like something in a dream startled me back to conscious. My heart was pounding but I couldn't figure out why. I didn't recally any scary dream or anything that I was afraid of in said dream. Then I heard it. Thunder.

I dislike thunder and lightning immensely. I have always been afraid of it. I can remember being around eight or nine years old, curled up on the living room couch in a fetal position with my fingers pressed so hard over my ears, that I gave myself an ear ache.

Once I realized there was a storm taking place, I got up and quickly went downstairs to turn off and unplug the computers...though forgot about the televisions (this was something we have always done during a thunder storm). Once I got back into bed, and heard several more thunder crashes and flashes of lightning I began to well up with the fear I usually have during storms.

This time, however, I decided I wasn't going to do this alone. I turned to God. I began praying! I started off by saying Psalm 91 (which I do many times as I get comfort from it) and then began praising God that He is the Mighty One in total control of the storm outside, as well as many other things. I praised Him for who He is and what He does. I thanked Him for whatever I was thankful for, and moved on to praying for other people. Recent prayer requests came to mind, I thought of some people I knew and prayed for situations they were in, I prayed for our protection around our house and those dwelling inside as well as for my brothers and their homes and families. And I prayed for myself.

I needed to get my mind off of the storm, and to stop fearing it. God alone can take away my fears and He did last night. I put my focus on Him, and if it drifted to the storm or thoughts of "what if this happened" I asked the Lord to help me stop thinking of that and to refocus on Him again.

Gradually I became aware that the storm was getting further away much to my relief. I looked at the clock, and the last thing I remembered was seeing that it was after 3:00am. Once I got up to start my day, I prayed that the Lord would help me to not be tired today because of that "interruption" in my sleep during the night.

I fully believe that the Lord sustained me throughout the day (I was not tired at all) because I had been in prayer with Him for that hour. Had I not been in prayer with Him, I fully believe I would have been yawning a lot and feeling rather tired. I get this way when I don't sleep through the night. The Lord gave me His strength to get through today.

I have no reason to fear. The Lord is in control of every situation, even a thunder storm. When we fear, we have no faith. Fear is the opposite of faith. I placed my faith in the Lord last night, and I had nothing to fear. He was with me and got me through the storm. Thank you Lord!