Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trudging Along

Since my last post, I have only worked two half-days.  Originally I was only suppposed to work this past Wednesday morning, but on Tuesday morning, the school I'd be working at on Wednesday called and asked me to come in that afternoon.  Apparently, the teacher I was replacing (I know him from church), had made a verbal agreement with one of the other supply teachers, who frequents his school, for Tuesday afternoon.  However, that morning he asked her about it again, and she said she was going to substitute for one of the other teachers.  Dave quickly had the office call me, and I agreed to come in.

The classes weren't overly bad.  There were behaviour issues, of course, as there is with every supply teacher.  I think with new supply teachers, the kids will tend to press their luck, push the buttons, etc. to see what they can get away with.  Once they know how a supply teacher is, and what is acceptable or not, then I think it might get a little better - though I could be wrong.  So far all the schools I've gone in to have been a one shot deal.  I haven't had any more calls since.

I think tomorrow I will go down to the school district office and have them make a registered copy of my teaching licence for my file.  This way I will now get paid the wages of a teacher who has a license, as opposed to one who only has a permit.  It will also give me more money.  While I'm there, I might get them to change the list of grades and subjects I will supply.  I think I will get them to add high school history, and maybe some English or social studies classes for middle school, as well as possibly teaching some ESL classes (any age/grade).  I must admit, though, I really don't like teaching middle school kids, but right now it might help me to get more work.

Things have been going along pretty well with my walk.  I've been reading the Bible daily now for about a month, and praying for my two friends (this is a daily thing we are doing), and I've kept up with the accountablilty with them as well.  I must say that I've been feeling better about my relationship with the Lord, but I have had a bit of a bump recently which put me in a great spiritual battle.  Thankfully, that seems much better.  I just hope I can overcome it again if it rears its ugly head!

I will admit, however, that I am struggling still with certain areas.  For example, I know all Christians are given spiritual gifts; I just don't know what mine is/are.  I've taken those little tests that tell you what they are according to how you answer the questions, and mine always lists Crafts as being my big one (I know it's not called crafts, but it's along those lines).  See, my problem with that is I see anything craft related (whether it's being able to build a house or knit socks) as being a talent, allbeit God given, rather than a spiritual gift as mentioned in the New Testament.  I really struggle with this (though I don't stop doing my knitting for the Lord).  I know I should pray and ask God to reveal my gift, and I have, but I just don't seem to be getting any answers.

There are other struggles in my walk that I am going through, but I'll hold off discussing those for a later post.  I guess I know that I should take this to the Lord, but it's hard when I feel as though He doesn't hear me.  Maybe this is an issue (as all of them are) that I should keep praying about, and listen for His answer.  I just want to feel as though I have a purpose, which I know I do but again I don't feel as though I do have one, and I want to know what that purpose is right now.  And no, I don't want to pray for patience because then I'll be put through situations that make me need to be

Maybe my walk isn't as good or as smooth as I thought it was...