Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Word Wall - Wild Card

Saturday Word Wall - Wild Card


Wordle: Things I like

Here's a new meme starting up over at Momma 'Tudes.  Every Saturday she's going to have a topic for you to create a word wall using any program you want.  The one I used is from Wordle.  Today's topic is Wild Card, and you can choose any words you want.  When done, head back to Momma 'Tudes blog (see previous link) and link up to your word wall on the McLinky she has posted on her blog.

Edited to add:  For some reason I can't get the words to look clear on my blog.  If you click the pic it will take you to a larger, clearer picture over at Wordle.


Knit Purl Gurl said...

LUV your Word Wall! Of course I love anything with knitting in it! ;P In order to make mine bigger, I had to do a Print Screen from the Wordle page and then crop it in photo editing software (I use Gimp). Thanks for participating!!!!

Pia said...

happy thanksgiving, shelly!!!