Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's October!

It's hard to believe we are into October already.  The year has flown by!  The autumn colours are in full swing now, but I suspect it won't be too much longer before they are gone.  I went out yesterday to a local park to take some photos of the beautiful scenery and met up with an older lady.  She talked about how amazed she was with God's creativity and how He's done such beautiful work - or words to that effect.  And she's right - God has done some beautiful work with His creation!

It was a great day, though windy, to take pictures yesterday - cloudy!  The colours show up a lot better on a cloudy day than they do on a sunny day.  I was thinking of going to another park to get some more photos today, but it's been raining since around noon.  I might go tomorrow or Friday if it's not raining then.

My back has been a little stiff lately, and today was the second day (not in a row) that I've taken a Robaxacet since I stopped taking them about a week after I came back from Australia.  I don't think my back is totally healed yet; the doctor did say it could take awhile for it to get better.  I think I'll have to start doing some yoga to start strengthening my core muscles.  Also, I should start doing some walking as that will help take the stiffness out too.

I want to start eating better - less fatty and greasy/unhealthy type foods - and start earting healthier things.  I also want to cut down on my portion sizes and start drinking more water and less pop.  I've started drinking caffeine-free Diet Pepsi (though I couldn't get any this week since the grocery store we went to didn't have any cans) because I want to cut back on the caffeine.  I also want to drink less pop and more water, but I struggle to drink more than a glass or two of water a day.  I also need to start exercising, not only to help my back, but for my overall health.  Today I went on my eliptical trainer for a short bit, and will go on for another short bit a couple more times (to work up to longer amounts of time).

I want to loose some weight (maybe 60-70 pounds) and get healthier.  But, to do that I need to get off my butt and just do it instead of just thinking about it.  It all starts with little steps and not denying myself things.  If I deny myself something (like chocolate for example), then I'll end up binging on it in the end.  If I can just have a little bit now and then, it's not so bad.

I am also wanting to improve on my spiritual life - reading my Bible and praying more/better.  I think I've been feeling the Lord pulling me towards Him, wanting me to get back into a better relationship like I had in the past.  I've had some things hold me back, and I'm slowly starting to realize that I instead of dealing with pain/hurt, I stuffed it all inside in a little ball and tried to ignore it.  The result was to start overeating and stop listening to the Lord and be in a constant relationship with Him.  I turned to other things for comfort instead of turning to the Lord.

So, the journey begins with a few little steps today.  I ate breakfast, had a small lunch (though I think I'm going to need a snack because I'm feeling hungry again and it's only been about an hour or hour and a half since I ate; hopefully I can hold out until supper time though), did about 7 minutes on the elipitcal trainer (I know it's not much, but I don't want to overdo things in the beginning, and like I said, I will be going on it again in a little while to get some more time in), and I've been working at drinking some water.  I will be honest though, and say that the water is sparkling water (with fizz and flavour) and it has aspartame in's not the best, but it's a start.

And, on that note, I will head off now and do a little more time on the eliptical, and maybe later this evening I'll pull out my yoga DVDs and do some of that.  Have a blessed and Christ-filled day!