Friday, June 05, 2009

Teaching Intership - Week 6 & 7

Weeks six and seven have gone well. The children are looking at me as more of a teacher now than just a "helper" in the classroom. One thing though, is that several of them consistantly push the envelope to see what they can or can't get away with (which is normal). There is one of these children who seems to try to joke around with me a little too much and tries to treat me more as a friend than a teacher. Now, don't get me wrong. It's fine to joke around and be friendly with the kids, but they need to know when to stop and listen and treat the teacher as a teacher/authority figure. However, this whole situation is helping to build relationships with the children and help them to learn that they can come to me to ask questions or tell me something.

Last month my host teacher (after we had discussed and agreed that the idea was a good one), contacted a company to get some butterfly eggs/baby caterpillars for the classroom. We've been studying the butterfly life cycle, and we thought it would be a good idea if the kids had some to observe. The kindergarten class is also doing this (and I believe one of the grade four classes as well...but the kindergarten teacher may just have given them some of theirs), and they got their order last week. Our class should have gotten ours by Monday or Tuesday.

By Wednesday after school, we still hadn't received anything and it's too late for them to send us anything because school finishes on June 19, and there wouldn't be enough time for the process to take place before the kids are finished school. My host teacher called the company with regard to our not getting our package, and they said that the order had been processed, but for some unknown reason it hadn't been shipped!

Yesterday we talked to the kindergarten teacher (we had told her on Monday we still hadn't received our caterpillars yet, and she said if we wanted some of theirs we could have some) and told her about our situation. She gave us eight of their caterpillars for the class to keep! That was so nice of them to do. I mentioned to my host teacher that maybe we could do up a thank you note or card to the class and have the kids sign it. The kindergarten teacher also would like for us to come and share some of the questions and answers the kids had with regard to the butterfly life cycle with her class (to bring her students' learning up a level...I think they kept everything very basic). I thought when the kids do that, they could give the card then. Also, since there weren't very many different questions (seven or eight in total), maybe some of them could read a couple of butterfly or caterpillar poems to the kids as well. My host teacher thought it was a great idea, so we have to check with the kindergarten teacher to find out when would be a good time to do this for her.

Today, another of my profs (not the same one as last time) came to observe me teaching a class. It went well, and he wasn't there for quite the entire class - maybe about 40 minutes. He pulled me out of the class (my host teacher continued teaching while I was out) to discuss how things went. He had a lot of great things to say, had some questions as to how or why I did something a certain way (just out of curiosity and not because it was right or wrong), and I came away feeling successful and encouraged. The next time I get observed will be when we are down in Australia doing the second half of the internship (there are 10 of us going).

Next week is my final week of me doing all the teaching, and my host teacher will then start up again, though she won't have much to do since there isn't a great deal done during the last week of school. I do know the kindergarten to grade threes classes are all planning a "field trip" and picnic at a local park near the beginning of that week (a week and a little bit from now), but I'm not sure what else will be done. It shouldn't be a too difficult week though.

Well, I've rattled on long enough I think. Hope you all have a blessed and Christ-filled day/evening!

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PJ said...

I enjoy hearing about your daily experiences in the classroom. I've finished my year as a school bus driver of all grades throughout the day...I had to smile regarding your comments of how the kids receive you. Just that subject alone could really be discussed. I remember my first year of have 62 kids safety in my hands plus student management -facing the road of course ;) the subject of how you are perceived can be very deep. I've had trained pilots come to me after school bus training and later after they get a route and go....whoa,this is waaaaaay more than the normal public even begins to perceive this job!!!! Simply put some people can do it some people can't... you can't demand respect you must command it. Also, enjoyed your link you shared. sorry so long..just catching up!