Monday, May 25, 2009

Teaching Internship - Week 5

I'm a day or two late in posting my update, so sorry about that. Week five went well, nothing too major happened.

On Friday the kids began their provincial assessments in language arts. They have a week to do this, and the teacher is giving them about half an hour to an hour each day to work on it. As teachers, we aren't allowed to help them with these assessments at all. We can't help them pronounce words or tell them what they mean. The kids just have to do their best and try.

Last Wednesday I helped again with the grades four and five (and possibly six) track and field. They all had a chance to do a long distance run (I believe it was 800 metres), long jump and shot put. I think this week they might be starting with sprints, but I'm not sure. I helped keep the distance for the long jump, and let me tell you, there were a few awesome long jumpers!

On Thursday, we had the parents visit the class. The kids read them their "published" stories (which are stories they write during Writer's Workshop and then make a good copy and decorate a title page), and they also performed their Reader's Theatre plays. The kids all did a fantastic job. They had practiced for a couple of weeks, and then early in the week they performed it for the kindergarten class, the grades one, three, and the two grade four classes. The principal also came down one day to watch them perform. The kids all seemed to enjoy their plays and have a good time. With Reader's Theatre, they don't have to memorize lines; they keep the scripts in front of them the whole time. This is just another way to help them practice reading and have fun while doing it.

This week, and the following two weeks, I am in charge of the class - I teach everything. My host teacher will still be around if I need her, but she will more than likely be out of the class. The only thing is that she is in charge of the assessments, and she is also pulling students out at times to do running records with them ("testing" the kids to see which level they are at in reading).

Apart from what I've mentioned, nothing in particular has stood out from this past week. I am enjoying my internship a lot, and I feel lucky to have the class and host teacher that I have. I'm not sure what grade I'll be doing my internship for in Australia yet. I should find out soon, maybe even Friday, because we have a meeting with our instructor(s) to go over how things are going for us, etc.

Well, I will sign off for now and keep you up to date on week six! Have a blessed and Christ-filled day!