Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week Three - Teaching Internship

This past week went fast in some respects, slow in others. However, I think it went well overall. Mid-way through the week I had my Base Line Day. This is where I was in charge of the class from the time the kids came in at 8:20, until they left at 1:50.

Tuesday evening I had to do up three lesson plans - language arts, math, and social studies (which, at this grade, is called You and Your World). It took me until 12:30 to finish them because the way we were taught to do them was to make them detailed - very detailed. I had everything written down for what I was going to do, but when it came time to do up the lesson plans and add all the little details, it took quite awhile. Then, to top it all off, I couldn't get to sleep that night and ended up with maybe four hours by the time the alarm went off.

For language arts, the teacher had me just do a reading comprehension exercise to help them practice for provincial assessments which are coming up soon. They have done a few of these before, so it was nothing new to the kids. For math, I just had to review front line subtraction like she had started with them this past Monday. I started a new unit for social studies. We are learning about the life cycle of butterflies, and caterpillars/butterflies in general.

I started off by teaching them about the life cycle. They did pretty good with it and liked the pictures I had printed from the net of the different stages - egg, caterpillar/larva, pupa/chrysalis/cocoon, and butterfly. From there we did a KWL chart and covered the K and W (which stands for Know and Wonder - what do you know about butterflies, and what do you wonder or want to know). Next week we will review the life cycle and they will have some information to read in expert groups. From the expert groups they will find out a couple of facts (from what they read) and then take it back to their home/base group and teach the others. As well, we have ordered caterpillars for them to observe as they go through the stages until they become butterflies, then we will set the butterflies free. They will also have an observation journal they will have to keep throughout this process (which takes about three weeks).

My host teacher said I did a great job with my baseline day, and she loved the KWL chart. She hadn't used that before with this class (might not have with previous classes either, but I'm not totally sure on that).

This week, on Tuesday to be more precise, one of my profs will come and observe me as I teach a class. I'll be doing the language arts class since that is the only time he can come observe me. We have been learning about the Canadian author, Barbara Reid, so we will read the last of the books we have in which she wrote and illustrated with plasticine. The students will also be working on their own plasticine illustration for a story they have been working on as well. I believe we will have them create a picture for the title page. Then, I will take pictures of their creations and we will glue the pictures to their little booklets. This also ties in with the author study because Barbara Reid's husband takes pictures of her illustrations and those pictures are used in her books. As well, the students will finish working on their stories if they haven't done so by then. If they finish everything early, they can work on their cursive writing or other writing pieces that are unfinished.

I'm a little nervous for my prof coming in to observe me, but I am confident that I'll do well. When we were doing our presentations, the profs were really picky about things, but I'm told they aren't that bad when we are actually doing our internship. Still, it makes me nervous. I think I just need to get through the first one so I know what to expect, and then I'll be fine. My host teacher says I'll do well though. It does help, though, that I'm in a great class with an awesome host teacher and terrific kids.

And, on that note, I am heading off to do a little more work on the lesson plan and start getting things ready for Tuesday. Have a blessed and Christ-filled day!