Friday, November 21, 2008


Winter has hit. On Wednesday we got some snow. It started with rain and some snow mixed in, but didn't accumulate on the roads, driveways, sidewalks, etc. It did stay on the grass though. It was also windy and quite cold, but it didn't seem too bad throughout the day though. At least in my area. Closer to Nova Scotia (or even in Nova Scotia) it was much worse, and one highway was hit so bad hundreds of cars had to pull over to the side and wait out the storm. A friend of mine had to do this - she was half an hour from her fiance's house from 5:00pm until around 1:00 or 1:30am. Thankfully, she is safe.

By Thursday morning, the snow had stopped. Like I said, we didn't get a whole lot where I live. We've got someone coming to plow out the driveway, which will be a great help. They didn't show up on Thursday, probably because there wasn't that much snow to plow. It did, however, freeze some and there was a little ice on the driveway. The snow that is there is packed down now, but apparently next week it's supposed to be a little milder, so hopefully that will melt.

I shovelled the front walkway for my mom before getting ready for my Thursday morning classes. When I had awaken, my back was a little stiff and sore - kind of like the way it was prior to going to South Korea last summer, only not nearly as painful (nowhere near as painful, actually). But, when I finished the shovelling, my back was a little stiffer. I had to use the computer downstairs to print an article critique off for one of my classes, and after I got up from that my back was out. It's been a little painful since then, though it hasn't been excruciating as it was last year. For that, I am thankful.

I got a new camera this week, a Pentax K200. I'm still learning about it and trying to figure things out - settings and whatnot. This afternoon, I went outside to take a few test pictures to see how they would turn out. The above two pictures are from that session. The above one is the backyard, and it shows the snow we got the other day. We're supposed to get several more centimeters of snow tonight as well...but I digress.

The picutre of the shovel is the one I used when I hurt my back. I love the colouring this camera is showing. Neither of these pictures were doctored up in any way, so the blue is what showed up after I uploaded the pics from my camera. I think I am going to enjoy this new camera!

In other news, please pray for one of my good friends. She's going through a very difficult time right now and could use them. I don't want to give the details because they aren't mine to give. I will say that it is a serious situation, and she definitely needs prayer.

I will end for now, and hope that you have a wonderfully, Christ-filled weekend! God bless!