Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Through The Clouds

Yesterday afternoon we had a little mixed bag of precipitation, though it was mostly rain. For several minutes there was some sleet mixed in, but it was nothing too bad.

I looked out the window to see if there were storm clouds or rain clouds. Most of the sky had dark grey clouds and lit looked like there might be heavy rain or some snow. However, in the middle of the clouds was a patch of blue sky, the sun shining through and illuminating the clouds around the blue.

When I saw this, what came to mind was that during our dark times, there is Light that breaks through and shines - even if it's only a small patch. When we feel like our life is dreary and things aren't going so great, the Lord is with us and ready to shine through to give us hope. We just need to let Him.

It seems to me that when things seem to be going wrong, when times are rough we often focus on those things and don't always pay attention to the Lord's Light - at least I know I am guilty of this. What I focused on when I looked out the window was that small, bright patch of blue with the glowing sun reflecting on the white clouds around it (not the dark ones). I didn't focus much on the dark, dreary clouds that would bring rain or snow.

In my life, I need to remember to focus on the Light (Jesus) and let it shine rather than dwelling on the stormy situations.

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PJ said...

Yes, I love seeing natures magnificant reminders!!