Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Words, Words, Words...

Words are powerful. Words are meaningful. Words are all around us in speech, literature, newspapers and even ads on billboards. Words can build up a person, or tear him down. Words can soothe the soul or cause anger and agitation. Words are important.

Lately I've been working on a novel. I don't have much of it done, roughly 2500 words, but then I am not writing at it as often as I should. I take breaks from it, think it over, try to come up with conversations, explanations, descriptions, etc. I am reading writing magazines and books as well as writing blogs so that I can gather some hints and tips in writing.

I am also trying to take some time to just read for fun. While I was in school I did a lot of reading, but it was required reading and even though a lot of it was interesting, it just wasn't for fun. I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I do when I read for fun.

I've got a writing blog as well, though I've only got about 5 posts on it so far. If anyone is interested in reading and leaving a comment, you can click here to go to it: Ink Scrawls. I'm not an experienced writer and it may not sound professional like other blogs, but hey, a girl has to start somewhere doesn't she?

Other than that, things are about the same for me. Work is fine though I am quickly realizing that my old "injuries" are still there. There are days when my wrists feel like they are burning and sometimes paining. Thankfully there hasn't been numbness - yet. Still not sure where my wrist splint things are; might have to invest in some more if I don't find them soon, especially if it will help.

My neck and shoulder have been better, though there are still times when it bothers me. Sometimes the pain isn't too much but if I turn my head I can feel the stiffness, and usually by the end of the day it is quite stiff. I think the muscle relaxers are helping though, so that's good. I don't take them every day because I don't want to get addicted to them, and I don't usually need them every day. Boy, I feel like I'm getting old since I'm complaining about my aches and pains, LOL!

I'm still not all that sure what I'm going to be doing after summer, but I am still praying about it. It's hard because I don't know the direction or outcome of what my immediate future is holding, but thankfully the Lord knows. I am trying to trust and rely on Him throughout this, but that too is hard. I'm sure there is some kind of lesson I'm supposed to be learning in all of this, even if it is to learn to wait patiently. I know He has a plan for me and that He is in control. It's still hard, but then no one ever said it would be easy...

I'm going to try to use this period of waiting to relax, work on my writing, knit and work on my relationship with Him. I think that is most important - improving my relationship with Jesus. I need to get back "in tune" and closer to Him, and I need to improve my prayer life again and get back into the Word more.

I have been reading the minor prophets lately, but not sure if I'm gleaning much from them. It's been awhile since I read them though, so I thought I'd go over them again. I also recently finished reading Daniel. Not sure where I'll read from next when I'm done with the minor prophets.

Off to work on my novel some, and read from Micah. God bless, and have a Christ filled day.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'll pray for your healing, my friend!

Jayleigh said...

I tried to comment earlier, but something was wrong with the comment thingy and I couldn't.

God bless you with the stiff neck and shoulder, and with the carpal tunnel business. The times I most need my wrist splints is SLEEPING at night. Many dr's agree that if you wear then to bed, you won't have to wear them at any other time... it's because most people fold their wrists underneath their chin as they sleep... and if you don't have THAT stress, it's OK to have the stress from keyboarding.


Checking our your other blog now!

Jennifer said...

Hey Shelley,

I left a comment on your writing blog. It sounds like you have the same neck/back pain that I have, which is often triggered by typing. I take muscle relaxers, too, when it gets too bad. When I'm in tears from pain, then it's time to take one. I don't know how people live with chronic pain. Thinking about you!

Paul said...

Hi Shelley,

Just blogging by to catch up and see how you are doing and let you know that you are in my prayers.

Indeed words are powerful, life and death are within them and we can either build up or tear down as you have so well said.

I am excited that you are working on a novel and that you have created InkScrawls which I have bookmarked and well spend time on later today.

God is looking for people who are writing from the heart, His heart. The Lord chooses the simple things to express Himself, it is the every day things of life, that others can identify with, for example, pain.

Like you, as well as others who have posted, pain is something that I live with 24/7 and I do take pain medication. Because of my surgeries, etc it is just part of my life and the Lord gives me the strength to go through each day.

The waiting period is not easy but it is worth it. It is worth it to relax, to wait on the Lord, build that intimate relationship with the Lord. It was the Lord over the last three years that carried me through the chemotherapy, radiation, the surgeries and the divorce (not by choice)

I can look back now and see how the Lord has turned all this around for His glory, though at the time I could not see it.

Just want you to know that I am always blessed when I visit your blog and I always come away encouraged.

Looks like I have written a mini-book, here in the comments, but just wanted to encourage you in your writing, in InkScrawls.

Be blessed my friend, keep on posting and keep on writing!!

Writing for the King,