Monday, June 12, 2006

Wednesday's Prayer Meeting

I have been asked to do the message/devotion (not sure exactly what they call it) at this Wednesday's prayer meeting at church. It is on Psalm 79, and honestly I have no idea what I will say.

I was talking with the associate pastor after church yesterday, and he had asked me how I did in school this past year. I had mentioned my 2 Samuel course and that I had gotten A- but couldn't recall offhand the other marks in the other two courses I took. So, he had asked me if I would like to do a "sermon" or something of the sort some Sunday evening. I said I would rather do prayer meeting before I would do something like that, and he agreed that was a wise choice.

So, then we talked to the senior pastor and Phil had mentioned that I had agreed to do a prayer meeting sometime, that I had done well in my classes (My BA is in Biblical Studies). So, Jonathan asked if I wanted to do it this week, and before I had a chance to respond he said that I would do it this week because what tends to happen, is that most people will agree to do something at a later date and then change their minds. I had been hoping to go to a few of them to get the general idea of what they do, because I normally don't go to prayer meeting as the mid week kids program I teach with is held at the same time.

So, after the evening service, I talked to Jonathan again just to get some pointers on how I should do it, etc. and then he prayed for me before I left.

I'm nervous about doing this, I'm not sure what I'll say but I will pray and ask God to give me the words, ask Him to let His Word speak through me, and to take away my nervousness and fear.

Please keep me in your prayers for Wednesday evening. Thanks and God bless.


Debrand said...

The Holy Spirit will reveal to you what He wants you to say. Just pray and be open to His prompting as you read the Psalm in preparation. Remember the Spirit edifies, exhorts and comforts. God bless.

Jayleigh said...

I am praying mightily that God will use you to minister to people who need to hear what you've got to say.

I second everything that Debra said. **hugs**

David said...

please folks - pray for my daughter , Hannah, 15 who had a fall and banged her head pretty hard ( came off the back of and ATV) saturday - she is having some lingering symptoms. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

you can do it, sis. God will help you on it. we'll be praying.

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine. God will be right there holding your hand.

Just blog hopping through Christian Women and wanted to say hello.

God Bless!