Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

First off let me wish all the mother's out there who stop by, a very happy mother's day to you!

I got my mom a little boquet of flowers and a card (I plan on taking her and dad out to supper later in the week, maybe on Tuesday, as well).

My mom loves flowers! I asked her today what her absolute favourites were but she said she couldn't decide. She really like sweet peas because they are pretty and have a great scent. She said she likes all flowers really, but can't pick just one as her favourite. Her and Dad have several flower gardens around the yard: two at the next to the front of the house (on either side of the doorstep), a small triangular bed a little way out on the lawn which has some flowers and a couple of shrub-type plants, along one side of the house on either side of the chimney, a big round bed full of dahlias in the back yard, and all along the back of the yard streches another two beds which has a little pathway under a rose arbour dividing them. There are also a couple of other small beds along the back of the house. It's not hard to see that she loves flowers!

My dad also bought her a boquet as well, and she took both of them and made a flower arrangement out of them and it looks great.

Today at church, the sermon was on mother's (of course). In a similar fashion as last year, Pastor Jonathan talked about mother's and included all the women in the church - mothers, grandmothers, those who have not had kids for whatever reason, and those who are single. He said that many of the women in the congregation are involved with the various children's ministries and in that way they are like surrogate mom's to these children - we teach them, look after them, love them, etc.

When it came time for the children's moment, the pastor talked briefly and then had some of the deacons go with the children and hand out a carnation to all the women who were standing. He said that all women should stand, even if we weren't biologically mom's. For the second year in a row, I felt honoured to be able to take part in mother's day, even though I am one of those women who do not have children (I take part in children's ministries though). Prior to these last couple of years, I have never attended a mother's day service that included non-mom's. Don't get me wrong, mother's definately deserve to be honoured! However, I had always held a grudge against mother's day services because I was never included. As many people know, I have the strongest desire to become a mom, and at 37 I feel an even greater desire and I also feel my clock ticking really loudly. Anyway, that's another post for another time.

I've decided to include a picture of the carnation I was given today, in honour of all the women out there who are not mom's for whatever reason. I share my flower with you today, and wish you all a happy mother's day:


Pia said...

that's beautiful. i love flowers too. oh, by the way, the name who left a message about kate was ric. do you know him or her?

Jennifer said...

Lovely. I wish I knew how to grow flowers. I have a black thumb. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Susan said...

My Mothers fave flowers were fressia, I had them in my boquet when I got married. I guess they are my fave too, now.
Glad your Mum had a great day with you.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

All of us mothers were given cartations at the conclusion of Sunday's service. It's always nice to be recognized! Hope your day was happy!