Monday, May 22, 2006

It Is Well

At last night's church service, one of the hymns we sang was It Is Well With My Soul. It made me think about my current situation of not getting into the education program, and my fear of what will now happen as the result. I felt as though the Lord were reminding me that no matter what is going on right now, it IS well with my soul.

Another song we sang was God Will Make A Way, and again it was as though the message of this was for me. It was as though the Lord was telling me to relax, that He is in charge and in control of my situation. I found the lyrics here, and will post the verse we sang last night:

God will make a way
where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we
cannot se


He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
hold me closely to His side
with love and
strength for each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way

I've had a few times where I've broken down and cried my eyes out over my situation. I am finding it hard to trust - not God, but myself. What I am having difficulty with is trusting that I will interpret what God says now. I held to the belief for four years with regard to teaching, but I feel like I royally messed up. I might be at a "wait" situation, needing to wait for the right timing, for God's timing. I might also have messed up and God only wanted me to teach Sunday School or something...I don't know.

Regardless of all of this, I have had a lot of peace in my life for the last several days. I know it must be from God, because I can't explain just why I am feeling like this.

Anyway, I can say that it IS well with my soul, and God will make a way somehow - and it probably won't be in any way that I expect, but who knows.

So, I'm still clinging to Him and have faith. I am feeling a little closer to Him as well, which feels nice. I still have no idea what will happen, but I am trusting Him. It's all I can do.


Zoanna said...

Shelley, I am sorry about your huge disappointment. I can't imagine. When I read this post, however, I was reminded of Moses, who spent not 4 years but 40 being led by God toward the Promised Land, except that Moses never entered the Promised Land. Was all that wandering useless? No.

NOthing we learn and put our hands to when God prompts and leads us will be in vain. It might take a while to see HOW He's going to use it, but meantime, keep serving HIm during the wait. Serve in Sunday school and elsewhere. SErve where you like and where you don't like. Just don't let Satan rob you of joy by pitying yourself. And don't believe in "trusting yourself." Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD and don't lean on your own understanding." Don't think so hard about the past (I know it's hard) but press into God in prayer. "Father, you know my heart is broken over this. I thought the green light was telling me I'd get into the ed program. What now? Help my unbelief. HOld me close and help me trust you. I repent of trusting myself. Speak again so I can hear Your voice. Satan, shut up! You're a liar and a thief. You've stolen my joy for right now, but Jesus will give it back to me." Anyway, I encourage you to remember in the darkness what you've learned in the light.

Two Write Hands said...

It Is Well has always been one of my favorites. I found you on BE and wanted to say hello.

Pia said...

He will definitely make a way. hold on to that promise and don't ever let go. shelley, i know disappointments very well and it's not an easy thing to go through. but God will make a way for you. i'm sure of that. He will show you His will very clearly. just wait on Him. i'll stand with you in prayer.

take care sis and God bless. =)

Jayleigh said...

**great big hugs**

Jennifer said...

Shelley, I just want to say I'm praying for you. And I love both of those songs.

What's my Mission said...

Hey Shelley:
Man, I am bummed for you, but you know I am praying... I don't want to say anything trite that smacks of trying to make you feel better but actually doesn't. God knows you are disappointed so don't be afraid to tell Him. He knows what all your fears are for the future, so don't be afraid to say it to Him. Trust that God has a plan for your life and maybe it is not exactly the plan that you thought it was but it is a great plan non-the-less... Be open to different ideas of how God might make your dream come true... Seek His will and the advice of Godly Christians in who you trust to give good and Christian advice and then let go and let God. I have seen you working with children and you definately have a gift, make the most of every opportunity to serve in that capacity, building up your experience and try again next year if that is where God leads you!!! I love you and I will see you on Sunday... We needs to be doing some praying!!! Ciau...

Paula said...

I am so glad you're trusting in God. I can relate to the fear of trusting but being afraid I won't interpret His will correctly. I believe and will pray that the Holy Spirit gives you discernment when it comes to making a decision. He will make a way!

Love and hugs,

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I' glad that you are well! I pray that your spirit stays that way. :-)

It Is Well With My Soul is also one of my favorites!

Debrand said...

Maybe I caught this scripture this morning for you (and me).

Jeremiah 12:5 "If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan."

That was God's answer to Jeremiah when he questioned God's testing of his thoughts.


David said...

God has a really good plan, and He will work it for you. ( and me) Stand!

Jezreel said...

No worries, Shelley, God causes all things to work to the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Rest on that, my dear. If God hadn't wanted you to do what you did, he would most definitely have shut the door!

I'm prayin, girl!

Darlene said...

Hugs Shelly. I'm blessed to see you leaning on God's everlasting arms.

diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Hi, I just love hearing about the word of God! Thank you for being a vessel of a blessing and spreading His word to needy souls. Keep up the good work. Remember the Bible has an answer to all of our problems and He will always provide a way. I bank on that every day. Especially now that my life is difficult at this time. "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" God Bless you.

Kelly said...

Hi, Shelley. Your situation reminds me of the time I entered a job training program after finishing school. It was only for 4 months but i prayed so hard that they would keep me. The Lord answered by prayer saying that I had the victory. I was so happy and as my last day drew closer I waited expectantly to be told the good news that i would be kept on. But it never came. I believed to the end because I knew the word of the Lord unto me. Still I was sent home.

One month later they called me back but to work in a different area of the company (human resources). The company was in the process of a restructuring exercise and because I found favor in the eyes of my bosses I was placed in a permanent position on the organisation structure.

When God told me I had the victory I thought i would be kept on but God had more in store for me than I had imagined. In the same way, He has more in store for you than you can comprehend. Keep trusting Him.

Matthew said...

This reminds me of a time when I was at church and a woman who was out of work asked us to pray about a job she was up for. She explained to us that she was on a list of people up for the job, but could we all pray that she would get it.

I remember in the middle of us praying God revealed to me that the other people up for the same job were also out of work and needed the job as well. I prayed about them as well, that if it be God's will they could all find work even if they couldn't have that particular job.

It's been my guess that with God's timing there are many factors involved. Other lives. The lives of our neighbors. God takes care of each and every one of his children, and sometimes we just have to get in line to get his gifts. As to this guess, I'll have to wait to see God myself to ask, but with eyes of faith I believe that this is so. I'm sure people had to get in line when Jesus fed the 5000... we have to get in line for the Lord's supper, don't we? Or at least wait till the plate comes around.

Praying for you still.