Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thinking Of Christmas

I would like to use this post to encourage those of you "out there" who are knitters and crocheters. I am already thinking of Christmas, and it is only the middle of May! My encouragement is that you would use your craft to make items for those less fortunate.

Does your church have a mitten tree? If so, I encourage you to knit some mittens/gloves or socks or scarves and hats, sweaters or other items to decorate the branches or place under the tree. What great gifts those items will be to someone who can't afford these things!

Other items you can knit and crochet would include afghans and/or shawls for seniors. You could make several or get together as a group with other ladies and make them and donate them to seniors in hospitals or nursing homes.

Baby items are also a good to donate to hospitals, shelters, or your local crisis pregnancy center. They can use booties, mitts, hats, sweaters, blankets, etc. With these items, donating the typical baby items would more than likely be appreciated...items such as diapers, clothing, toys, lotions and powders, etc. Check with your local crisis pregnancy center to see if they have a list of needed items that you could donate.

God has given us talents and gifts, and if yours includes knitting and crocheting...or even sewing, the above mentioned ministry is a great way to glorify the Lord with the gift/talent He has given you. I encourage you to take part in this kind of ministry! You might not see the result of your work, but the Lord does. Besides, we shouldn't be doing this (or anything) to receive the praise or glory from others, or to even see the results. We should be doing this to bring praise and glory to the Lord.

If your church does not have any of these ministries, why not approach the pastor or other church leaders and see if this ministry can be started in your church, and then let others know so that they too can take part in this.

May the Lord bless you greatly as you use your talents and gifts to further His kingdom and bring Him glory and honour and praise!