Thursday, May 12, 2005


I've been interested in scrapbooking for a little while now and have gotten 3 pages done so far. I know, it's not much. However, lately I've been wanting to get into it more and have purchased a few scrapbooking magazine to get some ideas.

I'm not too good at combining colours (a few basic ones yes, but I do have trouble matching sometimes LOL) so tonight I purchased a colour wheel that helps you locate contrasting, complimentary, etc. colours...I do hope this will help me! I want my pages to be coordinated and look good!

I also had the idea to do up a scrapbook for my mom. You see, she has been into gardening for the last several years and has flowerbed all over the yard. There are the typical ones in the front along the house, one entire side of the house has a flower bed, as well she has two along the back of the back yard, separated by a rose arbour. There is a small bed along one portion of the back of the house, as well she had a large elevated round bed that is not quite in the middle of the yard. I say not quite in the middle, because there is a tree growing at the other end of the yard opposite to this bed and it would provide too much shade and not enough sunlight for the flowers.

My idea for my mom's scrapbook is to devote it entirely to her and her garden. I would like to have pictures of her plants at various stages of growth showing how long it took for them to grow and bloom; pictures of the flowers after they bloom with information about they type of flower; pictures of her and my dad working in the garden; pictures of my little nephew helping out in the garden. She and dad belong to the local horticultural club and also take part in the club's yearly garden show in which they enter several of their flowers for judging. They have won several prizes and ribbons in the past, and I thought pictures of this would be great as well. I am also thinking of asking my dad to help out and get pictures of the show, as well as her friends in the club to put in the book as well.

I plan on giving her this for Christmas, and I think it is something she would love. It would also be a reference for her to know what each particular flower looked like should she want to get more in the future, as well as having details of her garden for this year.

I just hope that I don't get discouraged, or lose my motivation half way through and not get this done up on time. Once I start back to university in the fall, I won't have a lot of time to dedicate to this (as well as the other several projects I have on the go during the summer).