Monday, December 14, 2009

A Little Update

Yesterday, Sunday, was our church's Sunday school concert.  It isn't just for the little kids who attend Sunday school, but for the adults as well.  While I thought this year's concert was OK, it wasn't as good as other years. Most of the concert involved singing - the kids up to grade five all sang some songs together, but each class had their own songs as well.  The middle school kids did a bit of a play and sang a song, and the high school kids also did a little play and sang a song.  For both of those, they had the audience sing as well.  There was a husband and wife team who did a "debate" on the Christmas Jesus vs. the Easter Jesus, and three other adult classes performed little skits.

Unfortunately, throughout the entire evening, I was suffering from a headache which turned into a full blown migraine by the time I got home.  Thankfully, I wasn't sick with it - but I nearly was once (I was at home at the time).

Today I was a little out of it.  I find the day after I suffer a migrain I am tired (as though I didn't get enough rest, even though I did) and just not really myself.  Therefore, today wasn't productive at all.  I did go and mail some Christmas cards for my mom, and later on I went and got something for supper.  Other than that I didn't do anything.  I didn't have a migraine, but for most of the day it felt like there was one waiting in the wings to spring forth.  Thankfully that didn't happen.

Last week, I got no calls at all to do any supply teaching.  I also didn't get any calls today, and so far have none for tomorrow.  I was talking (well, messaging on Facebook) with one of the girls who went to Australia when I did, and she said she didn't think that there would be much, if anything, for last week and this week - especially since this is the last week before Christmas holidays.  School finishes on Friday.  I hope and pray that the new year has more work for me.

I might look into teaching some ESL part time during the week, or after school.  That way I could still have a couple of days (or all day if I do it after school) to teach during the day.  I need to do something to get some money coming my way.  I have to start paying my student loan back again in March.  I don't particularly want to teach ESL, but I might have to do that until I can get more supply work, or my own classroom.

Not much in the way of news.  I still haven't got my Christmas shopping started; yes, I'm one of those last minute people.  I do know what I'm getting most everyone though, so it's just a matter of going and getting the stuff.  One of the gifts, for my mom, I am going to chip in with my brothers and we are getting her something she has had her eye on.  For that, all I need to do is get my share of the money over to one of my brothers.  But, there isn't a lot of time left until Christmas.  I should go and get my shopping done on a day when I'm not working, and hopefully the crowds won't be as bad as they would be in the evenings when people are off work, or on the weekends.

My question for you:  Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Have you finished your shopping, and if so, how long have you had it finished?