Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Change Is In The Air

Lately I've been trying to work on writing the novel I've been working on.  I enjoy writing, but will admit that I have a lot to learn on many different levels.  It's the same with blogging.  There are so many hints, tips, and ideas on creating blog posts that attract not only readers, but also comments.  I am trying to keep these things in mind now as I create my posts.  Like my writing, I have a lot to learn with blogging.

I started out with this blog to be a place to talk about myself - somewhat of an online journal to record my thoughts and feelings and day to day activities.  I decided that I also wanted to create posts that help others learn about Christianity, about Christ, and to learn - a somewhat mini Bible study lesson or what have you.

That worked - for awhile.  Somewhere along the line, I lost focus and created fewer and fewer posts.  I lost the readership I had (which is understandable), and my posts didn't seem to have the content I wanted.  I look back now on some of my earlier posts and wish I were creating the same kinds of posts now.  I guess I need to sit down and write some good quality posts to publish on my blogs.

A new year is within arm's reach, and with it I hope to rearrange the way I post here.  There are lots of topics and ideas that I want to explore in my blog posts, and a few of my goals for posting include:
* Thought provoking posts
* Bible based posts
* Mini Bible studies
* Character studies
* Spiritual growth discussions
* Topics posted on specific days (i.e. Mondays might be a character study, Wednesday might be about praying or Saturday might be about missionaries)
I won't promise that I will post every day, but I will try to post at least two or three times a week (maybe more), to be more consistant.  I will try not to have extremely lengthy posts as I do sometimes now (which could come from big gaps between posts and feeling the need to fill in every detail since the previous post).  And, I will try to have my posts more Christ-centered as opposed to me-centered - though that might creep in from time to time as well.

What do you look for in a blog?  What type(s) of posts do you enjoy reading?  What keeps you coming back to a particular blog you enjoy?