Friday, October 17, 2008

Teaching Observation

I had my first day of teaching observation today. I'll be going on Fridays since the rest of the week I have classes. Anyway, I must say I enjoyed it today!

I am in a grade two classroom that has 20 students. The kids were pretty well behaved, though they do like to talk - not overly and it wasn't too loud. The teacher I'm helping, Mrs. G. is an awesome teacher! She's been teaching this grade for a couple of years, and I think for four years she taught grades 4, 5, and 6. She said she'd like to go and teach kindergarten again sometime because she did her observation and teacher training in a kindergarten class and enjoyed it.

I mostly observed today, though I did help to keep the kids quiet, walked around the room and commented on pictures they were drawing, helpping a bit with some adding during math, did spelling with a couple of them (both came in after the spelling was done and the teacher wanted to continue to do her lesson so she asked me to do the spelling). I'm not supposed to teach at this point, but I'm allowed to help out in little things around the class. I am looking forward to going back again next Friday!

I'll be quite busy this weekend as I've got two unit plans due next week - one Tuesday and the other Wednesday. I've also got to do an article critique and study for a couple of little quizzes for next week as well. I think once I get over this week things will slow down some for me. My big problem lately is procrastination. I need to get out of that habit and just sit down and do the work done and over with, rather than doing little bits and pieces here and there and spending time doing other things.

Tonight I went to dinner with an old friend I went to high school with. We went to Swiss Challet and I had my usual - quarter chicken dinner with white meat and fries. It was soooo good! It's the first time I've eaten at this restaurant since I've been back in Canada. I think it's my favourite place to eat at. It was quite busy there tonight and we had to wait 20 minutes before we could get a table. It was worth it though. I LOVE their chicken!

We also stopped at the mall on the way home and while looking around I got a Christmas gift for my nephew and some baby yarn to make a cute little hat and a rabbit toy (all knitted). I'll be making these for the mitten tree at church, so hopefully I'll have time to get them done up. If not I'll make them and donate them next year. I'm supposed to make some socks for my friend's baby girl (she's about six months old), and her son (he's about two years old). They shouldn't take too long, so I should get to work on them so she can have them when they need their snow suits. She wanted them for that specific purpose - to keep their feet warm when they are wearing their snow suits.

Well, I'd better head off for now. I'm feeling quite tired tonight, and I want to watch a few episodes of season 5 of Stargate SG-1 (from my box set) before bed.

Have a Christ-filled day/night!


jayleigh said...

Wow Shelley! You're so busy!!!!

Rob and I recently saw all 10 seasons of Stargate:SG-1 plus the two movies for a nominal price of $300.

We wanted it so much, but you know... bills and such. I think it'd still be great for him to buy it for me at Christmas, though!

Who's your favorite character? I like Daniel Jackson best.

Nana said...

I am just surfing through Christian Knitters out here in Central California and enjoyed your blog and your beautiful pictues. I visited a small portion of Canada for the first time a year ago (Vancouver) and I hope to be able to see much more one day.