Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

A new year has begun! I am not one for making New Year's Resolutions, simply because I never stick to them - or if I do, it doesn't take very long before I stop. I do have some things that I am going to work at changing, new things to try, etc.; but, I am not going to lose sleep over it if I don't stick to it.

I wonder, sometimes, if it is a good idea to make some sort of resolutions or plans for the coming year - simply becuase if you have a plan, you are more apt to accomplish what it is you are setting out to do. With no plan, it's very easy to not get anything done. So, do I make a mental list? Do I write it out? I think if it is written out, it gives you something tangible to follow and might make it easier to stick to whatever it is you are going to do. Mental plans can easily be forgotten.

Anyway, I'm out of the funk I was in with my last post. It'll come back again, but hopefully I can be stronger in dealing with things. The sermon at church, yesterday, was great and it sort of hit home for my situation. It made me stop and think that a great deal of my anquish at times is of a spiritual nature - the enemy is trying to stop me (or get me to stop) doing things for the Lord, the ministries I'm in, etc.

I started my new year off with reading the Bible (try to get back into that)...ok, in all honesty, it was the second thing I did - the first was to block a pretty scarf that I finished knitting last night (you can see a picture of it on my knitting blog, Kitten Knits Yarn), but I did read the Bible. I wasn't sure what I wanted to read, so I started with the book of John again. When ever I don't know what to read, I seem to gravitate toward that Book - either that or James or 1 Peter.

One of my classes next semester is on Post Exhilic Writings, which is going to focus on the books of Chronicles. I read the first couple of chapters of that the other day and was sooooo bored - those two chapters (and I think a couple more after it) are boring geneaologies. They're there for a reason though, so I'll plow through it and read into the rest of it. I want to have an idea of what the books are about and think up some possible questions to ask (if I come across any). I've had this prof before, so I know what his class is like; it's one that I'm looking forward to taking because there will be lots of discussion, and I like discussion.

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy new year filled with the joy and peace that comes from the Lord, Jesus the Christ! God bless!


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Happy New Year, my friend! May the Lord bless you in the coming year!

Anonymous said...

happy new year, shelley. may God bless you more. (((HUGS)))

Jayleigh said...

Wow it sounds like you're already busy!

Take care, and thank you for your encouragement and support. You're a good friend.


Joe said...

Happy New Year! Hope its the best ever!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Shelley!