Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School Time Again

Today was registration day at school. I was already registered for my courses, but needed to go and get my mailbox key, books, and a couple of other things.

It felt totally weird being there when most of the people I've known from university have graduated and aren't there anymore. I felt - well almost alone. Yes, I know I wasn't alone because Jesus is with me, but I'm meaning alone in human terms. Sure there were a few people I saw that I knew, but none that I hung around with or was really "chummy" (did I just say that?) with. I was also a little afraid of people asking me if I was going into the education program and having to say no. That's pride I guess. One guy I knew did ask me, but it wasn't bad saying no because he wasn't all fake sympathetic and stuff. He thinks it sucks that I didn't get in and doesn't agree with some of the ways the school runs or does things. Thankfully he was the only one that said anything. I got there pretty early so that I was close to the front of the line (I didn't go to the information session like most of the students did), so maybe that's why I was lucky enough to avoid the question. I was also in and out pretty fast because I didn't do some of the stuff most people would have - like getting a year book photo taken or buying a year book or signing up for various committees and what not.

So after that (which didn't really take that long), I went and bought my books. One class, Children's Literature only had one text book, but it cost around $90 (or more). My Effective Writing has two books I believe, and my TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) class has three books. In total the cost was between $250 and $300, though I think it was closer to the $250 price range.

Although classes start tomorrow, I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I don't need to go in until Thursday afternoon. Then I'll come home for a couple of hours and go back at 6:30 for a nearly three hour course. Next Tuesday I'll have the same times for classes (the one in the afternoon is a two day a week class), but the only difference is that the evening class, which is another nearly three hour one, is a different subject. Those evening classes are each one day a week classes.

I'm looking forward to my classes I guess. For awhile I wasn't - probably because these courses aren't part of my degree. The Children's Lit class isn't exciting me too much, but the other two I am really looking forward to.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. I'll let you all know how things go at Thursday's classes! God bless, and have a Christ filled day!


franky said...

Children's Lit sounds like fun. I wish I was going back to school. You are living a dream or working towards one. And I say "you go girl" I'm sure you will do great. I don't have any inspirational words of wisdom for you. But I can say to have fun and enjoy...

Jayleigh said...

Good luck. I pray God delivers you from feeling bad about not getting into the ed program. **hugs** Have fun!

Susan said...

Have a great time, enjoy it and just soak it all in. Education is not about the lessons, it's often about the life lessons.