Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Sound of Music

I went to my third flute lesson last night. The time simply flies by so quickly! Of course the lesson is only for half an hour. I could sign up for an hour, but that would cost double and since I'm no longer working, that is a little more than I care to spend on it right now. The teacher did say that in the future, as I start getting more into it, I could sign up for an hour. We'll see.

He told me last night that he can tell I'm practicing because he's seen improvement already - said that a lot of his students (regardless of what instrument they are learning) come in and haven't improved so he knows they aren't practicing. He said it doesn't matter if you only practice for fifteen minutes a day, the important thing is to practice every day. There are a couple things I need to keep working on though, but they are normal things that people starting out playing the flute need to work at.

One of the things is my breathing. I'm not taking deep enough breaths so that will affect the playing. If you take deep breaths you can play more notes and the result would be a smoother sound. The other things is to hold my flute a certain way. I tend to want to hold it so the hole you blow into is facing me. It needs to be facing more upward. He told me that can be corrected by standing in front of a mirror some - that way I can see how it looks.

I am really enjoying playing the flute so far! I'll write more on another topic later - hopefully tomorrow. Since this is a Christian blog, I want to have more content geard toward the Lord. Anyway, have a Christ filled day!


Larry said...

Hi Shelley ... Great blog! Thanks for stopping by my through-the-Bible comments :-)

What's my Mission said...

keep up the good work man.

Kelly said...

Hi Shelley just swung over from The work of her hands blog and realized your from NB too :)
Playing wind instruments does take an awful lot of practice, I can remember my brother learning the oboe and it was constant practice till you get the swing of things, keep it up and you will be rewarded!

Jennifer said...

Again I ask... where is our audio clip? :)

Gordon Cloud said...

You have a really nice blog. I found you through the links at Joe's Jottings. Hope the flute lessons progress well.

Jayleigh said...

Good job! I am so proud of you for sticking with the flute playning. I wish I had a piano here and then I'd take lessons again.

You're inspiring, Shelley. Thanks for all the encouragement lately. You are a dear.


Maggie Ann said...

Shelley, its wonderful that you are taking flute lessons, thats what I think! I am 58 and just beginning my 4th year of cello study. The Lord has blessed me so much...I said to my teacher one day..regarding my age, that I wish I was like her other student who had had 10 years of lessons...she replied that I had the equivalant more or less...well less...grin. but getting closer all the time. So hang in there and rejoice at the opportunity to study flute. Taking music lessons demands a lot of self discipline and concentration. Its not a piece of cake but it sure it sweet all the same. By the way, I have a lovely flute and used to enjoy it...2 of our children played violin...and I picked that up somewhat and then my hubby bought me my first cello 4 years ago..after I stated that this was it...I would rent one and give it a try. He bought me one off of ebay for $300. It was playable...I loved it, but oh boy..did I have to work at it. The hand stretch alone is huge...but that goes with the territory. I love it that you are taking flute...I think its just a fine thing to do =).