Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm A Director

My friend Kristina and I will be the new directors (I think that is the unofficial title) for our church's mid week kids program. She is really the main one and I am helping her. This is new to both of us and I know that I am apprehensive because I don't know exactly what is involved...

We have gotten together with the lady who was in this spot for the last couple of years, and she had helped us in letting us know who (at least so far) has agreed to be leaders and helpers for the next year. We'll have to contact these people again to make sure they are still going to do this, as well we will probably have to contact new people to see if they can also help.

We are going to have to decide on special events (maybe things like skating, swimming, a fun day, etc.) that we might have. Those aren't all that often though, just two or three times a year I think. Anyway, when the time comes we will have to get these events together.

The other thing is that we are looking into possibly getting a new curriculum. We (as well as the other director) have heard both positive and negative feedback with regard to the one that is in place currently - though the negative feedback seems to be out weighing the positive in my opinion.

I've gone online to look at possibilities, as well, I have some info from one or two companies that have created curriculums (or is that curricula?) from when I attended a weekend Sunday School teacher conference type event last fall. It should give us some idea of what they have though. The only thing is, I'm not sure if any of that would do for a mid week program or not.

Anyway, Kristina and I are going to be getting together to go through all of this. Now, here's where you can hopefully help. Do you have any thoughts/suggestions on a good curriculum for a mid week kids program (ages 2 to grade 5)? Our program has a mix of both churched and non-churched kids, and this is our primary outreach program to kids in this age bracket. Also, what kind of things do your kids programs do? Crafts? Fun events? Plays?

Basically, I am just trying to get an understanding of what works and what doesn't (since all churches and programs are different). Our group has been as large as 45-50 kids I believe, though numbers are usually lower than that...but I could be wrong. Anyway, it's a round idea of what the size is.

Oh, and we are looking into things, this post is just a "c'mon I'm fishing for comments so please respond and give me some ideas as well as boost up the number of comments I get" type of post, hehehe. So, how about it. Got some links or thoughts or ideas or anything?


Jayleigh said...

Shelley my friend. Congratulations! You are so awesome and I know you will do well in this. I think it would be rather like working with VBS, and I have tons of experience with that.

One thing the kids loved the most this year was doing a quiz show type thing. There were 15 at a time that participated in answering questions on the lesson they were taught and if they got two correct answers, they got a prize and were able to participate in the "Championship" at the end of the week.

It can be so simple, because the prizes were cans of soda, or pencils or just something inexpensive... even candy.

You are going to do so well with this. ROCK ON my sister in Christ!!! **hugs**

Disciple said...


I have run a multi-age children's street ministry (primarily unchurched children) for 5 years. I get my curriculum here:

denomination doesn't matter -- drop Billie an email and she'll contact you.

Jennifer said...

Growing up, there was a lady who ran our mid-week kid's service named Miss Knight. She told us fascinating missionary stories with pictures and props, that always ended with a cliff hanger to bring us back the next week. We were all totally enthralled! I will always remember that. Maybe you could find something like that?

Maggie Ann said...

Morning Shelley, I'm not sure what materials our church uses but the older ones have a summer bible club ministry at various homes in neighborhoods. they do Bible stories with flannel graph I believe and put on puppet shows which are a BIG hit with kids. Snacks are a popular thing always and crafts are another gold mine & missionary stories, take home papers...oh so many things to do. I know my thoughts are a bit scrambled here..=)

Annette Burkett said...

I'll have to tell my mom to come visit your blog again. She's probably got some good ideas for you. It's been so long since my kids were that age...I'm clueless!

eph2810 said...

There are some great things out there I believe for these little ones :). Try to see if they are having some thinge for the little ones. But I think since this is a type of out-reach you might want to even consider to 'create' your own program...just a thought.