Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Today Was Picture Day

Since coming back after summer vacation, my BFF and her daughter have been staying with me. My BFF got a job at the school where I teach, and her daughter goes there now.

I only have a one bedroom apartment, but they were staying with me - a tight squeeze, but we managed well and no one killed each other! In fact, I think we all got along rather nicely. On Monday, they moved out into their own apartment - the same building only one floor down. It's been quiet since they left, and I find that I am getting used to quiet again. I enjoyed having them here, though, and they aren't that far away. I'm sure they will enjoy having their own space now.

Today we had picture day at school. When it came time for my picture (not the one with my class, but my individual picture), I wasn't too thrilled about getting it done. I don't like having my picture taken. I'd rather be behind the lens taking the pictures. Anyway, the photographer took several (as all photographers should) and she showed me the last one that she took. Amazingly, I liked it! I never like the pictures of myself - or at least I rarely do - so when I saw this one, I was pleased. I can't wait to get it back!

I've been tired these last few days, and over the weekend I was fighting a cold. It's been weird, because this time and one time not long ago, I was fighting a cold and neither time lasted more than a few days.  I've never had that happen before. I usually get colds for a week or so, not a couple of days. I was talking with one of the other teachers, and she was saying the same thing happened to her. I'm just thankful it didn't last long (I hate being sick...but then who does?). But, as I said, I've been quite tired the last few days and that might be from not getting as much sleep (thanks to the cold meds) or just being run down from the cold. Tonight I laid down on the couch around five and woke up around eight thirty. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep tonight!

At least the weekend is in sight...