Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break - Day 1

Spring Break has finally arrived! I am in need of a little R & R. Thankfully, we have two weeks for our break, and it includes the Easter holidays too.

I don't have a lot of plans for these next two weeks, but that's OK. I hope to get caught up on sleep (or at least get back to a normal sleeping pattern), work at some hobbies that I haven't been able to do because of being busy with work, and I'm heading to GP with one of the other teachers for a couple of days to do some shopping.

Day 1 - Big, exciting plans up my apartment. Told you it was exciting.

Last night a few of us went out to celebrate the birthdays of two colleagues (one was yesterday, the other the day before). We went to a Greek place that is also a steakhouse. I've never had Greek food, to my knowledge, so I stuck with steak - which I haven't had in awhile. It was so good; I really enjoyed it. One of the girls got a Greek meal, and she had some kind of dipping sauce for the pita bread (and said you could dip anything in it, really). I'm not sure of the name of it, but it has cucumber, Greek yogurt and something else in it. It had a kind of tangy zip to the taste, and I enjoyed it.

Monday and Tuesday are the days planned to go shopping in GP with my friend and co-worker, L. She is driving (it's about 2. -3 hours away). I'm not looking for anything in particular, but hoping to finds a few Spring clothes, or maybe some sandals. The "trip" is also just a way of getting out of town as well, which will be nice.

Well, just want to keep it short for now. I should get to the cleaning (you know, be disciplined in it), otherwise it won't get done. There isn't a whole lot to do (thankfully), but it does need to be done. Maybe I'll reward myself afterwards with watching a movie (The Time Traveller's the book when I was in Korea a few years ago and loved that, so hope the movie is just as good), and maybe work on my knitting as well.

Have a blessed and Christ-filled day!