Monday, July 18, 2011

More Awesomeness

Photo taken from here
On Saturday, I went with a few friends to Fredericton (the provincial capital) for the day. It's about two and a half hours from where I live.  We left shortly after lunch and made a stop to pick of the two year old nephew of the couple taking us.

Once we got into Fredericton, we stopped to pick up the brother and cousin of one memeber of the couple and then headed to the "beach". It's not a real beach along the ocean, but it's a man made beach (the sand is quite gravely instead of sandy) along a man made lake. It's quite nice actually.

The weather was weird - it couldn't make up its mind what to do. It was a little sunny with lots of clouds and then dark, heavy, grey/black clouds moved in and it rained a few times. There was a coolish breeze blowing, which would have made me quite cold if I'd gone in swimming like I originally planned. My BFF and I decided to not go swimming as we figured it just wasn't hot enough for us to go in. We said if it warmed up and the wind stopped blowing we would go and change. However, we ended up not going in afterall - which is fine.

K and I decided to go for a walk along the trail that surrounds the lake, instead of going swimming. The trail is in amongst the trees and was really nice. K brought her camera and took several photos along the way. I didn't bring mine as I thought it would be too bothersome to have to be running to and from the car (especially since it wasn't my car) to get it and put it away. Let's just say my camera isn't the little point and shoot kind.

I looked online and found that the trail is 4.4 km long. I'm not even sure how long it took us to walk it as I didn't look at my watch. We weren't walking fast, and as I said, we stopped lots so K could take pictures. It really was a nice trail and I enjoyed the walk.

When we got back from our walk, we packed up to leave and get something to eat. The couple who drove had some wedding invitations to drop off at various relatives homes so they dropped K and I off at the mall while they did that (and also drove home the brother and cousin who came with us to the lake).

The couple's nephew was fast asleep before we left Fredericton, but he woke up probably an hour into the drive and started crying. I think he was just confused as to where he was, and he also wasn't totally awake at that point either. We pulled off along the edge of the highway, and they got out to take care of the little guy. I had to get out as well because he was sitting in the seat behind me (a seven passenger minivan type of vehicle) and they had to have access to him. After trying for about five minutes to settle him down, I suggested they put his DVD player on and let him watch that. He did that on the way down and fell asleep, so I said that might work again. They got it set up and we were on our way again. It didn't take long before he fell back asleep, so the movie helped a lot.

Now, in the title of my post, I mention more awesomeness. What I am referring to is the point at when we were stopped while they were trying to get the little guy settled down again.

I was standing along the highway, close to the ditch to keep safe (though the lanes and shoulder of the road were wide and we had enough room). It was dark and I glanced into the grassy area of the ditch. It rose into a little hill that eventually would lead to some trees and fields. That's when I saw them - fireflies! I have not seen fireflies in ages! They are such a unique little bug. It reminded me again of God's awesome creativity. And, it reminded me of when I was a child and would see them and try to catch them (never was successful at that).

Also, while I was standing there, some clouds had moved in (prior to this the sky had been quite clear, and the moon was big and orange and just past being full. I watched as the clouds covered the moon and as the moon drew nearer to the edge of the cloud cover, I could see just how beautiful it was - the edges of the clouds were silvery-white, illuminated from the light of the moon, while the rest of the cover was dark. Also, there were several moonbeams shining out at various points, much like the sun beams do when they poke through the clouds. It was so beautiful.

I was (and am) still thankful for that opportunity, to witness that awesomeness, that I wouldn't have probably noticed (especially the fireflies) if a two year old boy hadn't woken up crying and caused us to stop the car.

I love how God has showed me beauty and creativeness in simple, ordinary, everyday things this weekend. It was a great reminder of just how great and awesome He is!

When was the last time you saw fireflies? Did you ever try to catch them as a child?