Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Relaxing Holiday

Well, it's three days after Christmas, and all is well. We did get a white Christmas this year, though there wasn't much - maybe a few centimetres. That all changed yesterday. We ended up getting a snow storm - the very same one that moved up the eastern coast of the US.

It was still snowing today, though it had tapered off some yesterday, last night, and today (the snow was off and on). It was quite windy at times though, which caused drifting and blowing snow. I think there was a little rain mixed in as well, because when I was out cleaning the car off, I had to scrape and there was a little ice on the windshield.

The roads weren't too good today. I had to go to the grocery store for a few things, and then around supper time I had to drive my little nephew (he came to visit with us for awhile this afternoon) back over to his other grandparents, and the roads weren't plowed. There were bare tracks in places, but there was more snow than bareness. That was on the main road - the side streets didn't have bare patches or anything, so they were worse.

I haven't been doing a whole lot since Christmas - just relaxing and catching up on some knitting and reading. I'm going to hang out with my best friend tomorrow afternoon and evening. We're going to hang out, watch a movie, order pizza and do some crafty sorts of things (more than likely it will be knitting). She's went back to university for her bachelor of education, and the Christmas break will be the only time we will be able to really hang out, since during school she is super busy. 

I had a good Christmas. It was quiet - only me, my mom, my older brother and his wife. My other brother and his family didn't get up this year, and we definitely missed them! I think one of the best things about Christmas that I enjoy is having family over.

What do you enjoy about Christmas?


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Came by way of Michael's blog shelly. I live in Indiana. MY oldest daughter, who is into scrapbooking and stamping, lives in Knoxville. She came up and then we all headed over to Ohio to pick up my sister-in-law and then head to columbus to see my other daughter, her husband and our 4 year old grandson. we had a blast! It ended too soon since it meant going back to work but it was good.

Shelley L. Snyder said...

Welcome, Bill! Sounds like you had a great time with your family!

PJ said...

A quiet Christmas with family I think that is best :) Happy New year to you! I like your blog background! Just wanted to pop in and say hi :)