Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I mentioned in the previous post about my back bothering me lately. Since Sunday it hasn't been quite as bad, though I'm not sure why. I'm glad it's feeling better, however, I am supposed to go for an x-ray on my back, and I would rather have that done when my back is hurting - that way it might show something that's causing the pain (though the doctor didn't think anything would show up).

A friend of mine called me Sunday night and asked if I was working on Monday. I said no, and she booked me to fill in for her. She also ended up calling me and booking me to fill in again for her today. This was the first time that I've taught high school. I must say I enjoyed it, and found these kids to be a lot better attitude and behaviour wise than the middle school kids I've been teaching. Even though I enjoyed these classes, I think I would still teach the younger elementary grades.  I'm also working tomorrow, and I'm scheduled to work Friday morning as well. This has been a great week for work since I haven't been getting much lately. So, because of the work, I won't be able to get the x-ray done again just yet. If I don't work on Thursday, I'll be going then. Otherwise, I won't be able to go until next week (our car is going in for a bit of work on Friday afternoon, so I can't go then either).

Not much else for news to tell. I'm hopefully going to be going running tomorrow night with the group at the Running Room tomorrow evening. We are scheduled to run 3 mins/walk 1 min tomorrow night (according to the e-mail they sent out to us), and the next night aim for 4/1. I'm not up that far yet, but I'll do what I can and will have to motivate and push myself to do more running on my own time to help myself to be able to keep up to the others as much as possible.

Tonight I've got some stuff running through my mind, and I've feeling a little down. I hope I can get it out before bed so that I can get some sleep tonight and not be tired at work tomorrow. I think part of what is bothering me is the way I look. I want to improve myself - lose weight and get healthy (and also exercise every day). I guess I haven't been seeing the results that I would like, and it's discouraging. However, I need to remember that I'm older now and it's going to take more effort. I also need to remember that it's good to lose it slowly, and that way it's more apt to stay off. However, I'm not feeling very positive about this at this time. I have to get my mind out of the negative thinking - otherwise I'm going to sabotage myself if I don't.

Well, not much else to say, so I'll head off for now. God bless!

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PJ said...

funny how things run through your mind (I do the same), but whatever little or big step you do as far as exercising just think of your heart and how it's happy ;) (of course, I need to do the very same thing!) hopefully your back eases up!