Monday, April 20, 2009

School's Out...

I finished my classes on Thursday, and all I have left to do is my teaching internship - which starts tomorrow!

I'm excited but nervous. I was lucky that I am able to be in the same grade 2 class where I have been doing my observations on Fridays since October. This way the kids will be used to me (so will the teacher), and I'll be used to them. I do know I have one student who has Asperger's and there is a TA in the room who works with him. Hopefully she'll still be there. There are also a couple of kids who get pulled out (usually during math) to go see the Resource Teacher to get help with their reading. These are things I need to be aware of in the class - they dynamics and all that stuff.

We are supposed to get eased into things by teaching a class here and there, and then gradually working our way up until we are the ones responsible from the time we set foot into the class, until the time we lock up and leave. Then we get eased back out towards the end. However, where I have been in this class and know how the kids are and what to expect (and how the teacher runs the classroom), my teaching time might come quicker than someone going into a class they've never been in before.

At any rate, I'll find out more tomorrow and I'll sit down with the teacher and find out what she's teaching, what she wants me to teach, where she is in the curriculum, the procedures for fire drills, helping her if she has lunch duty or something, etc. I'm also supposed to get involved with the school (clubs, etc.). I'm not into sports, so I highly doubt I'll be doing anything with that. I'm not musical so I wouldn't be doing anything with that. I might see if my host teacher needs help with the literacy group she has going though. Also, I was thinking about hanging out with the chess club (sounds geeky, I know), though I can't play chess. I'd like to learn, so maybe I can help out there and get the kids to teach me how to play. I'll have to see what else they have going and see where I can help out.

In other news, at Sunday school, we started a new module this week. This is when new classes start up and others end. The one I had been in didn't continue on for this module, so I joined another class. This one is a women's group as well, and it's small (at least so far). We are doing the Women of Faith series and so far it seems like it might be good. This study is all about finding balance in our lives (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). I'm looking forward to this class.

I was also able to spend the afternoon at my best friend's house - something I haven't been able to do in a long time. One of our other friends, and her two kids, are down for a few days so we all hung out together. It was really great to be able to spend time with them. Since I should be able to hang out after church now that I don't have to worry about doing homework, we are thinking of possibly starting up another Bible study. Not sure what we'll do or anything like that just yet, but I'm sure we'll be talking more about it next week.

Well, I'd better head off now. I need to work on my observation journals and get that caught up so I can hand it in before Friday. We also have to do journals throughout this part of our internship as well, but it focuses more on us rather than observing the operations of the classroom and teacher we observed. Those of us doing the second half of our observation in Australia will have to finish our journals for teaching in those classrooms as well (the ones staying here to do their internships - regardless of when they actually do their internships will have to do them as well, only they'll have one class to worry about).

Any way, I hope you'll have a blessed, Christ-filled day!


Delia said...

Good luck with your teaching internship!

I'm glad you got to spend some time with your friends. We all need to be able to do that after we've been working hard.

Joe said...

You will love chess.

I was a chess clubber back in the late 50s when it was NOT cool, 'cause cool had only recently been invented.

You'll do fine in your internship!