Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thank You Lord

This past week, Wednesday in fact, I had a group presentation for one of my classes. I was so stressed out in the days leading up to it because I seemed to be having difficulty preparing for it. One thing I failed to "remember" was that I was leading the section where we were presenting scenarios to groups in the class and they had to discuss them and come up with ideas/answers. That isn't exactly something you can prepare for much since you don't know what their answers would be.

Well, by Tuesday I was quite stressed and couldn't focus or concentrate on trying to find some information on the topic so I could have a little something to contribute before or during the discussion of my section. I did the one thing I should have done in the beginning. I prayed. By this night, I also had to do an article critique for another class, and that was eating up a lot of time as well. Prior to praying, I was beginning to become quite frantic.

I also prayed when I got up early on Wednesday so that I could focus on finishing the critique and finding some info for the presentation. The prayer worked again. I also prayed before the presentation a few times. Let me tell you, prayer works. I was calm and not frantic at all; I was able to focus on the task at hand. I had some classmates tell me after the presentation that I was relaxed and did a great job (I was actually nervous and my hands were shaking somewhat during the presentation, and I felt like my mouth was full of cotton when I was speaking). I truly believe that God helped me through that.

I don't know, yet, how we did on our presentation (I should interject here that I also prayed for the others in my group) - we should find out on Monday. However, I do know that when I turned to God for help, it was there. God hears our prayers. He is always there waiting for us to turn to Him. It is usually us who skip off ahead and come running back when we need help. What we should be doing (and I include myself in this as well), is walking with the Lord, by His side, and be in constant communication (prayer) with Him. I know I fail miserably at this. I am still, afterall, a work in progress.

But, I can only give the glory and praise and thanks with regard to my situation to God. He is the one who calmed me and helped me to stay focused on my task. Thank you Lord. Prayer really does work.


Amrita said...

The Lord be with you Shelly

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Shelly, thats a great testimony....and we can all use the reminder that we often go skipping off ahead of God. I like that...its so true! He is ever faithful. I'm going to take a nap...I stayed up way too late last night playing pc word games. I just got my java installed...again...and its wonderful that everything 'works' now on the pc. I didn't mean to stay up so was just so relaxing. Wishing you a great day!