Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy June 2nd!

Wow, it's already June. Hard to believe! I don't know where the time is going. I suppose being busy with work helps the time go. But then maybe I'm just getting old and find that the time doesn't seem to drag as much as it used to when I was young.

Right now, my friend Sarah and I are looking into booking our flights back home to Canada. We are supposedly leaving the 31st, but our co-teachers are trying to see if the office of education will let us go the last week since we probably won't be working.

Our flights are supposed to be paid for us (the company we are working through, or rather our schools...who might get reimbursed by the company we work for, but the exact particulars I'm not entirely sure of), but we have to pay for it first and then get least that is the way it is seeming. That is the way it was when we came over, too.

I also have to check into how this will take place. A lot of travel companies over here give you a bank account (theirs) to deposit your money in for your airfare...if that's the case with this flight, then I'm ok. If I need a credit card, then I'm a little credit card only has a limit of $500, and the flight is definitely more than that! So, I will need to do that. Not sure what I'll do if I can't transfer the money...but I will pray about this, and trust the Lord to work in the situation to get me home in time for school!

This week will be short at work. On Thursday the school has a field trip so there are no classes, though I'll be going on the trip with them too. On Friday there is a national holiday so there are no classes. I also have this Saturday off, so I'll have a nice three day weekend! I can't wait! I don't have any plans, but that's ok. Sometimes all you need is just time off to relax and do nothing. I am hoping, however, that I'll be wise and get some work on my writing done.

Well, off to check flights and whatnot to go home at the end of August.


PJ said...

Exciting I'm sure for you..plans of going home. Yes, you need that 'do-nothing' type time..enjoy :)

*~Tey~* said...

I am sure you are excited to go home. I always miss home alot when I'm away...even if it's only a short time away. Enjoy the long weekend!

jayleigh said...

Oh yeah! You must be so excited to be coming home! :-) Still more prayers and love for you, dear sister in Christ!

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I enjoyed the conversation with Country Girl as well.