Saturday, December 02, 2006

Such Agony!

I have an essay due this week for my Children's Lit class. I really have no desire whatsoever to do this, no interest, no nothing. It has to be seven to ten paragraphs in length, and each paragraph must be six to ten sentences. In some ways that doesn't seem too bad, but in other ways it seems like the prof is asking for the world on a silver platter.

The topic I chose (because it was what I was most familiar with) is Discussing the importance of PEI (Prince Edward Island) as a setting for Anne of Green Gables. I have been to PEI a few times, and have visited the Anne of Green Gables site (and other places associated with its author). I have read the book for the class (I read it probably fifteen years ago as well), and I am aware of the setting quite well. So, I figure this shouldn't be too difficult of a task.

Well, we are to use the primary source (which is the book itself), and at least two secondary sources. One of the sources I planned on using is hidden away in a box which I can't seem to locate. I want to use the first volume of LM Montgomery's journals, as that will have her mentioning the book and her love for her home province. I am going to have to make a trip to the public library on Monday (if it's open) and see if they have a copy of it...if not, then I'm up the creek I guess.

I have been surfing the net to find reputable articles that I could use as secondary sources - we aren't supposed or allowed to use something that is basically an opinion someone has typed on their blog or website. I've gone to the University of PEI to find something (the prof said I could use that as a source), but can't find what I think I am supposed to use...

So, I guess what I will do, is at least start with using the primary source and use my own words and whatnot, then when I can find some sources worthwhile I will add them.

Aside from that I have other assignments to do for this week - the last week of classes, most of which are due no later than Thursday, Dec. 7. The following week is when I will be writing exams. I'm not looking forward to those either, and I need to get studying - but in all honesty, that won't be able to happen until I get these assignments done.

Anyway, I'd appreciate prayers that I will get all of this done without too much worry or stress, as well as prayers for the exams - that I will know what to study and how to study (I don't know what to expect for exams in English classes - my major was in Biblical Studies and I knew exactly how and what to study for those).

God bless you all, and have a Christ filled day!


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I'll certainly be praying for your papers to be written and upcoming tests. I'll add a little inspiration to come your way, spark the writing. : )

Have a wonderful week!

Pooch said...

It sounds like you're well-prepared. Sometimes the anticipation is more taxing than actually doing the assignment. I think it will flow for you once you begin. You are in my prayers. It all gets a bit overwhelming at times!

firefly said...

When I am having trouble with a writing project for a client, sometimes I will put on some inspiring music and then visualize the writing as complete and excellent. I create a clear image in my mind of the finished work and its excellence, and then I write and it seems all the troubles smooth themselves away.

My prayers are with you and your project and your exam. Best to you.